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U. S. Green Building Council SW Ohio Region extends a huge thank you to the sponsors, exhibitors, forum panelists and guests for making the first Lots of Tiny Expo a success. The LOT premiered Fall 2015 at a Findlay Market playground in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine location. This year, the LOT moves from OTR to another happening neighborhood and is gearing up for even more empty lot sustainability practitioners.

Lots of Tiny Expo

LOT (Lots of Tiny) Expo is an open air exhibit to draw public attention to the vacant lots plaguing many neighborhoods, featuring reinvestment ventures that are resourceful, entrepreneurial, timely, and high impact. Specifically tied to the tiny living phenomenon, LOT invites area companies that can display mobile organic and built elements in keeping with an open air, temporary, high density showcase. LOT is free to all—spectators and vendors.

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